Arvid Pettersen



GIVE THANKS - Arvid Pettersen


The Norwegian singer-songwriter Arvid Pettersen has recorded 10 albums, he has written about 250 songs, and his music videos and concerts have been broadcasted through radio and television to more than 50 nations. More than 3500 LIVE performances in 20 countries have made his name known on all continents.​Arvid´s music is known by the special atmosphere, and a sacred presence. He says: “I am personally deeply inspired by The Spirit of God, and His Word, that’s why my albums and concerts possess the same inspiration”. Arvid’s desire to convey faith, hope and love is very evident. His commitment to charity goes hand-in-hand with his music, and as an ambassador for Compassion International he is a part of a ministry that helps 1,4 million children.​The sound of Arvid´s music varies from the massive and powerful to the very soft and sensitive. It has always an acoustic and "true" expression. This genuine signature is also remarkable in his lyrics. His obvious disesteem towards lyrical and musical clichés results in personal, and very authentic songs. Arvids piano performances are known as characteristic and affectional. He often mentions his dependency of spiritual inspiration “in the moment" as he performs, and he is concerned about God´s healing power in music and worship. Arvid Pettersen has performed in a variety of venues. From the Parliament buildings in Brussels, Bucharest, and Oslo, significant churches and concert halls in USA, Mexico, South Africa, Spain, Romania, Armenia, Macedonia, Russia, Britain, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, etc, to small gatherings in children’s homes, soup stations and prisons. His audience consists of all kinds of people. From top political leaders and members of royal families to prisoners, homeless people and poor children. By using the language of music to encourage, inspire and comfort, Arvid has become an appreciated missionary of hope. He asserts that music has got to be passionate, and it has to flow, as he says, from heart to heart.


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